Tirsan Kardan

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

Our Vision

To be a multinational group of companies with a balanced distribution, sustainable profitability, a consolidated turnover of $350 million, and committed to family values.

Our Mission

To be an innovative, competitive, environmentally and socially sensitive multinational group of companies that diversifies its automotive and non-automotive revenues with non-industrial trade and real estate revenues, manages its assets effectively, cares for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our Values


We establish relationships based on "trust" with all our stakeholders. We ensure a sense of trust by taking ownership of our work, responsibilities and values, and turning what we say into actions.


We demonstrate "fair" approaches in our human and business relations. .

Equality and Respect

To our employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders; In line with our principles, we approach all genders, beliefs, opinions and other differences "equally" and with "respect".


We always prioritize "honesty" while doing our job.