Tirsan Kardan

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tirsan Kardan acts with the belief of providing benefits to its stakeholders, the environment, society and humanity based on universal values along with all its energy and resources.
It undertakes social responsibility activities in order to provide sustainable long-term contributions with the awareness of its social, environmental and economic responsibilities towards all its stakeholders.

Tirsan Kardan, as part of Tiryakiler Group of Companies;

– To respect the law,
– Carrying out sustainable activities,
– To adopt fair approach, transparency, honesty and respect as ethical values,
– As an organization that aims to add value and provide benefits to all its stakeholders and has adopted the principle of producing policies towards this end, it prioritizes social responsibility activities developed around this understanding.

Tirsan Kardan carries out its corporate social responsibility activities under the headings of social, environmental and economic responsibility in a way to serve sustainability and development goals.

Tirsan Kardan carries out its social responsibility activities in order to provide sustainable benefit to the society, firstly to the region where it carries out its commercial activities, and then to the society as a whole being aware of its responsibilities.

Tirsan Kardan adopts environmentally friendly practices while carrying out its economic investments and production activities. It plays an active role in reducing environmental burden through conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon footprint, continuous monitoring of emissions and waste management projects.

Tirsan Kardan, which carries out its business models with an environmentally friendly approach, works with this awareness in every field from the production site to the administrative offices.

It implements sustainable environmental projects with the aim of leaving a clean and livable future to next generations.

Tirsan Kardan aims to contribute to the welfare of society and the environment through sustainable economic growth. Continuing its financial investments with an understanding of inclusive growth, Tirsan Kardan primarily contributes to the economic development of the region by providing employment to the people of the region where it operates.