Tirsan Kardan

Our Carbon Footprint

footprint shape in the 3d forest

We, as Tirsan Kardan, do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • In accordance with our company’s sustainability approach, we aim to reduce the use of waste and natural resources as stated in our Quality and Environmental Policy.
  • We fulfill the legal measurement requirements within the scope of the regulation on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, we prioritize the initiatives to continuously improve the environmental and energy performance in all processes, starting from the design phase, with the works we do.
  • We determine the sources of our losses by conducting detailed energy endeavors in order to prevent energy losses and to use energy more efficiently.
  • Within the scope of compliance with legal requirements regarding waste, we separate waste at source and send them to licensed recycling or disposal facilities.
  • Regarding packaging, we also fulfill current legal obligations regarding recycling.
  • “Our Tirsan Wood” in Manisa Yunt Mountain grows every year in order to leave a more sustainable life to future generations